What home upgrade adds value?

Orangery & Conservatory costSo, you have decided it’s time to do some work on the house, or maybe you need some extra room, so what is the best place to start in terms of return on your time & money, and what are the most popular home projects?

How much does a house extension like a conservatory cost – here is a guide to Low Cost Timber Conservatory Options.

  • Loft conversions – adding a room here can pay dividends, if you have the space to do it, but remember, loft conversions should be carried out by trained professionals at all times and prices can several thousand pounds for a good one.
  • Building an extension – again, this can be a good thing to spend on, extra room, increased property value and desirability.
  • Open plan living – removing a wall or patio window, or changing the layout to make the living area look & feel bigger is quite cost effective.
  • Central heating – if you don’t have this, why not? How about under floor heating or looking into air or ground source heat pumps?
  • Solar Panels – free electricity, lower energy bills, tax free income. What’s not to like about it?
  • Replacement Windows – double glazing windows & doors can make a huge difference to the house
  • How about a parking space – many houses can utilise the front garden area for this
  • Upgrade the kitchen – not one of the jobs that will have a big ‘return’ on your investment but in terms of lifestyle, having a new kitchen can have a dramatic effect.

Any major re-modelling should not be ‘DIY’ get a professional to do it and make sure you get at least 3 different written quotes – if the price you get is an ‘estimate’ don’t take it – always go for a fixed price for the work.

Having said all that, the most popular way to add extra room is to build a conservatory or orangery: find out more here: Lowcostconservatory.co.uk

Orangery & Conservatory Cost Guides