Tilt & Turn Windows

Incredibly easy to operate, tilt and turn window can be opened inwards offering great ventilation and maintenance benefits. Tilt and turn windows are also incredibly secure and can be fitted with a safety limiter to restrict how far they open: perfect if you have young children.

All our windows are made to measure and can be customised by colour and glazing options. Choose between slim aluminium, modern uPVC and classic timber frames.

Tilt and turn window features

  • Intuitive design suited to a range of different properties
  • Tilting opening options increase ventilation and make maintenance easier
  • 70mm front to back multi-chambered profiles.
  • Profile sections reinforced with galvanised steel sections
  • Up to an A+ Windows Energy Rating

For more information about our tilt and turn windows, free advice or a quote, please visit: https://www.doubleglazingpriceguide.org.uk/how-much-do-replacement-windows-cost/

Tilt and turn window glazing

A guide to new window designsCustomise your tilt and turn windows with a range of glass choices, including squared or diamond leaded, decorative or privacy glass.

Modern windows use Planitherm Total+ glass as standard for added performance benefits, such as:

  • Planitherm Total+ glass for free energy generated by solar heat gain
  • Free solar heat gain
  • Thermal insulation – The advanced coating reflects heat back into the room, meaning less energy is needed to heat the home to the desired temperature
  • Optimal energy ratings. Windows can achieve a Window Energy Rating (WER) of A
  • Haze and tint free windows – This advanced technology glass maximises the amount of natural light into the home, without the haze or tint effects associated with some older double glazed windows
  • Eliminate condensation – double glazed windows help to virtually eliminate internal condensation and reduce draughts and cold spots in and around windows

Material options – Window materials

uPVC tilt and turn windows

Many homeowners choose white uPVC windows for their property, but we can supply modern uPVC in a range of colours and designs for every property. uPVC is a naturally energy efficient material and new windows can increase the energy efficiency, and value, of your house.

Aluminium tilt and turn windows

Aluminium tilt and turn windows are a classic window style, also known as a German style windows. Recently they’ve come back in vogue now that they can achieve incredible levels of heat saving. Modern aluminium windows are also stronger and can also afford to have slimmer frames, allowing for a larger glass window.

Timber tilt and turn windows

We can create bespoke tilt and turn windows using high quality timber in either a paint or timber stain finish. The tilt and turn style offers an incredibly weather tight window, plus the timber frame gives amazing thermal and soundproofing performance.

Timber effect tilt and turn windows

Our timber look windows are coloured using quality foils on highly energy efficient uPVC frames, to give the look of a traditional timber window.

Colour options – Window colours
  1. Black
  2. Cream
  3. Dark green
  4. Dark Grey
  5. Golden Oak
  6. Irish oak
  7. Rosewood
  8. White

Features and benefits of our tilt and turn windows

Secure windows

The tilt and turn window is secure by its own design. These windows can open slightly to let in air, without the risk of falling out. That’s why these are ideal for high rise buildings. Our windows also boast high security locking systems that achieve Secured by Design status.

High thermal efficiency

No matter which frame material you choose, you can be sure your new tilt and turn windows will keep your home comfortable, warm and draught-free. Our windows can achieve up to an A+ WER rating on the BFRC scale.

Customisable frames

We offer a range of hardware including hinges and handles to match your new tilt and turn windows.

A guide to new window designs